Foals 2013


Indira (KWPN) , Dexter R X Navarone X Emilion

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Indira is a filly born on 10 May 2013 from the young stallion DexterR. A foal with high expectations out of Sjoukje who has been performing excellent at 1.35 level before her breeding career.


Illustrator (KWPN), Ultimo X Indoctro X Edison

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Illustrator a young colt born 22 April 2013, he is a fullsib of the champion foal Flintstone born in 2010. A foal with an excellent conformation and strong canter and balance. In 2013 the stallion Ultimo had 2 offspring selected for the KWPN stallion test. Ultimo himself has recently been sold to China, Ultimo has a very high KWPN performance index and his oldest offspring (now 8 years old) is entering the international competitions.

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